Established in 2002, Henan Pearl International Trade Co.,Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of brown fused alumina & white fused alumina in china, our factory is located at the dam of sanmenxia, the dam can provide the strong power for production, we can ensure continuous production in 24 hours. Pearl International offers a highly diversified array of products ranging from standard abrasive grains to specialty fused materials available in a multitude of grit sizes and special coatings, annual export of Brown Aluminum Oxide to over 3,5000 tons. Pearl International markets its products in Euro, North America, Japan, Korea & etc. Pearl International is ISO 90001:2000 Quality Management System registered so that we can ensure that all processes consistently supply products and services of the highest quality which meet or exceed our customer's expectations, owning our own fusion plants gives us total process control from start to finish and ensures strict quality control of our crude production. From the acquisition of raw materials to the shipping of finished product, we test for quality at each stage of the production process. Our meticulous quality procedures include analysis, audits, certifications and spot checks for every product throughout the entire production process.Pearl International looks forward to bringing you the best products at the best prices.


Office: East XiaoShan Road, SanMenXia City 472000, Henan Province, P.R.China
Factory: Dam of SanMenXia, HeNan Province, P.R.China
Phone: 86-398-2992531 Fax: 86-398-2992530

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